I promised you a surprise...
Well, here it is!

If you answer this questionnaire, in just a few days I will give you access to the first online language laboratory - your key to acquiring a perfect pronunciation.

By comparing your pronunciation with the French voices on line you are sure to make swift progress.

All you need is a microphone connected to your computer.

Before you answer the questionnaire below, please read the following information carefully:

Please don't give simple "yes" or "no" answers.

That won't help us very much! Try to give brief but personal answers.

How are the questions presented?
Right next door to the answer box, you will find some guidelines designed to save time and to define the scope of the more general questions.

Your comments and remarks will always remain anonymous and we will never disclose your e-mail address.

Examples of the sort of thing we're interested in:
your first name, family status, age, where you live, your occupation, your tastes, why you are learning French, etc.
If possible, please add a few details about how you have studied (regularly or otherwise, at fixed times or otherwise, etc.).

Make at least two personal comments.
Think of such aspects as installing and operating the product, the time required to load a lesson, the teaching method, the sound quality.

Were some of them too long or too short for you, or was the length about right?

Did you find it sufficiently progressive?
Did you enjoy speaking and pronouncing in French?

Did the software prompt you properly? Did you feel embarrassed?
Were you afraid that somebody might hear you? Were you able to relax?

Did you notice it? Did you use it? Often? Were you able to find the functions without seeking help?
Did you feel lost or did you use the functions intuitively?

How do you assess your progress? Have you acquired a certain ease? Do you catch yourself mentally repeating some of the French phrases in the course?
Has your pronunciation improved? Do you think you can make further progress? How would you go about it? Do you find it difficult to repeat after the model?

What are the strong points of a multimedia product? How do you rate French4U compared to private lessons? Is it more flexible? Does it take longer?

Please enter the same e-mail address you used to get the free pack.

(Optional): We would be very interested to know where our best customers are located.
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Thank you for taking the time to answer this questionnaire.